~Adulting 101: Stuck Between Reality, Courage, And Capacity~ . .

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~Adulting 101 Stuck Between Reality, Courage, And Capacity~ . .
~Adulting 101: Stuck Between Reality, Courage, And Capacity~ . . ~Journal Entry~ I was not, and never will be prepared to live in your world. I can't play the "games" that people seem to play; The 'relationship' game, the 'friendship' game, the 'fake' game... anything that requires... socializing... privately... With other individuals... Intertwining in those seemingly strategically versed conversations. I may seem normal. I may talk in public. I may socialize, but I can't seem to erase this fine line between the two of us, acquaintances. I may seem "book smart", but I'm also pretty..."street retarded"... I don't know how I was as a child, but I was always shy, quiet, and reserved. In the eyes those who dont know me well enough, I always was, and always will be. In the eyes of those who will never get to see the possibility of who I truly can be. . Definitely an old entry Glass half empty? Or glass half full? Curse the darkness? Or light a candle? Change your limiting beliefs. You can do anything that you want to do... even if it doesn't feel like it right now . . *Unnecessary Tags* (Not all tags apply to exact post)

You are in the right place about adulting

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